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Whether you're stepping into motherhood for the first time or seeking deeper insights into the postpartum experience, you've found your sanctuary. Here, we delve into everything from nurturing self-care practices and holistic wellness to motherhood challenges and triumphs. Our aim is to empower your journey into motherhood, making it a fulfilling and enriching experience that resonates deeply with you and your baby. Join us, and let's transform the way motherhood is embraced and celebrated!

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Where Empowered Postpartum Experiences Begin

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- Tonna

Welcome to Ìyá. I’ve spent years caring for children and supporting mothers, and I know how challenging, joyful, and sometimes confusing motherhood can be. You, and so many women like you, are the inspiration for Ìyá – a place where you can find nurturing care, deep understanding, and a supportive community. Our retreat is designed to offer you a space to heal, bond, and grow, surrounded by understanding and support. I hope you join us at Ìyá, and let us shower you with all the little luxuries you deserve.

Dear new mother,