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Those early moments of motherhood are the most tender, precious, and sacred. At Ìyá, we’re committed to providing the support and environment you need to build a bond with your baby that flourishes into motherhood. 

Nurtured beginnings that build lasting bonds for you and your baby.


Here, your motherhood journey is celebrated because it is uniquely and wonderfully yours. Healing is about recognizing and honoring your individual needs: 

A postpartum oasis tailored to your motherhood journey.

They say it takes a village, but no one talks about just how hard it is to build that village. Here, it's about creating a supportive network for mothers through childcare placement and community. We help you form lasting bonds with fellow mothers, enriching your journey through motherhood.

Building connections right from the start

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And welcome to Ìyá! I’ve spent years caring for children, supporting mothers — and I know well the joys and challenges of motherhood. Those experiences were the inspiration for Ìyá – a place where you can find nurturing care, deep understanding, and a supportive community. Our retreat offers you a space to heal, bond, and grow, surrounded by understanding and support. 

The heart of Ìyá is in its name, meaning 'mother' – a testament to the strength, love, and resilience within every mama. At Ìyá, we empower mothers with the tools, knowledge, and support they need to navigate their postpartum journey with confidence and grace. Join us at Ìyá, and let us honor and support you in this transformative phase of life.

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Welcome to Ìyá

We believe every mother's journey is unique. Our approach to care is highly personalized so every mother feels seen, heard, and understood. From individual wellness plans to tailored nutrition, our services help you heal, rest, and bond in your unique way.

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personalized care

We integrate traditional practices with modern luxuries in a balanced approach to postpartum care. We want to nurture your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing, so you can transition into this new season with peace and joy.

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holistic wellbeing

It takes a village, as they say, but we know modern mothers don’t often have access to the village they need. We foster a supportive and empowering environment where mothers can connect, share experiences, and grow together. Our hope is that you’ll form friendships that grow with you as you grow in motherhood through the years!

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supportive community

Luxury is a core part of our experience. We provide an environment where mothers can relax and rejuvenate in body, mind, and spirit. Our postpartum retreat is a haven of peace and tranquility where you can disconnect and turn inward to nurture both yourself and your little one.

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luxurious comfort

Honoring traditional motherhood practices is at the heart of Ìyá. We blend age-old wisdom with contemporary care, respecting and celebrating the time-honored traditions of motherhood from various cultures.

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respect for tradition

By choosing Ìyá, you're opting into a journey where early bonds form the foundation for lifelong friendships among a community of supportive, like-minded mothers and their children. We help mothers build their village and support network through priority childcare waitlisting and connection to a lifelong community.

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building lifelong bonds from the start

Our core values

The Ìyá Difference

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Here, every mother's story is honored, every need is met with understanding, and every moment is an opportunity for growth and rejuvenation. Join the Ìyá community and step into a haven where motherhood is not a phase, but a celebration!

Step into community and begin building your village.