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At Ìyá, we offer you the sanctuary and care to rediscover your strength, heal your body, and bond with your little one with custom, luxury postpartum retreats.

The postpartum haven where you can nurture your new beginnings

Luxury Postpartum Retreat for New Mothers

Soak up uninterrupted time to connect deeply with your newborn, fostering a strong, loving relationship from the very start.


Heal at your own pace as we nurture your physical and emotional wellbeing so you can grow stronger as a new mother.


Find a peaceful haven perfect for postpartum where you can breathe deeply, disconnect and turn inward.


Find your sanctuary in a season of beautiful changes

We tailor your experience to you. This means you get care and support suited to your situation and goals.

03. Receive the care you need

We prioritize a peaceful and nurturing atmosphere so you feel safe and supported as you focus on healing and bonding with your baby without stress or anxiety.

02. Turn inward & find peace

We emphasize holistic wellness, including physical, emotional, and mental health so you receive comprehensive postpartum care. 

01. Nurture your wellbeing

We invite you to connect with other new moms and parents in similar seasons and begin building lasting support systems from day one.

05. Build your village

We offer workshops and access to professionals in postpartum care, lactation and infant care so you can feel confident and prepared for early motherhood.

04. Grow in confidence as a parent


We believe mothers deserve the level and depth of care they give to their children — and we want the same for you. We blend a sense of luxury with a deep focus on mental, physical and emotional health so that you can heal, rest, bond and celebrate every precious moment.

Ìyá postpartum retreat is an oasis for new mothers.

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And welcome to Ìyá! I’ve spent years caring for children, supporting mothers — and I know well the joys and challenges of motherhood. Those experiences were the inspiration for Ìyá – a place where you can find nurturing care, deep understanding, and a supportive community. Our retreat offers you a space to heal, bond, and grow, surrounded by understanding and support. 

The heart of Ìyá is in its name, meaning 'mother' – a testament to the strength, love, and resilience within every mama. At Ìyá, we empower mothers with the tools, knowledge, and support they need to navigate their postpartum journey with confidence and grace. Join us at Ìyá, and let us honor and support you in this transformative phase of life.

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Welcome to Ìyá

Step into a welcoming community of mothers who understand your journey. Together, you'll celebrate milestones, navigate parenting ups and downs, and build friendships that last.

Find Your Mom Friends

From our postpartum retreat to our exclusive childcare waitlisting program, we want you to experience a seamless transition with a strong support system. 

Build a Support Network

Our childcare waitlisting program — available exclusively to Ìyá retreat participants — helps you and your child build lasting friendships right from the start.

Nurture Early Friendships

Welcome to a community of early bonds and lifelong connections

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We know there’s a lot out there to read, learn, and hear about when it comes to motherhood — and we get that it can feel completely overwhelming! Here, you can step away from the everyday hustle, immerse yourself in a peaceful environment, and focus on your well-being and the new life you're welcoming. Our heart is for you to embrace this special time in your life with care, love, and the supportive community of Ìyá.

Take care of baby and yourself in a calm, relaxing environment