Every mother's experience is different, and we know that postpartum healing doesn't follow a one-size-fits-all approach. Finding your unique rhythm means discovering and embracing the specific way you need to heal and grow into your new role as a mother.

Find your unique rhythm of healing with unique-to-you
postpartum retreats

When mama is happy and healthy, baby is happy and healthy. With a 24/7 onsite nursery, holistic gourmet meals, lactation support, massage services, and more — everything we do is meant to bring peace, joy, and relaxation to you and your little one.

(03) Focusing on You and Baby

The bond between a mother and her baby is sacred. At Ìyá, we facilitate and encourage bonding experiences, like skin-to-skin contact, breastfeeding support, and peaceful, uninterrupted time with the newborn. 

(02) Building Bonds that Last

The first few weeks postpartum are a critical period of adjustment and recovery for a new mother. At Ìyá, we nurture you through this transition with holistic care and resources so you can recuperate and regain your strength in a tranquil setting.

(01) Mothering the Mother

Step into a postpartum retreat that’s designed just for you.

The Ìyá postpartum retreat offers an all-inclusive, comprehensive experience designed to nurture the unique needs of new mothers just like you.

Discover our Signature Postpartum Retreat Experience

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For stays longer than 7 nights, we invite you to contact us directly for personalized pricing options. Each package is crafted to ensure you receive the full spectrum of Ìyá's nurturing care, support, and luxury.

$800 USD
per night

10+ nights

$950 USD
per night

7 nights

$1,000 USD
per night

5 nights

$1,100 USD
per night

3 nights

Relaxing and therapeutic massages to help you in physical recovery and promote wellbeing.

Massage services

Offering insights and techniques to guide you in the early stages of motherhood.

Newborn classes

Begin building your support network right from the start. 

Access to Childcare Waitlist

Empowering mothers and partners with essential skills for newborn care.

Infant CPR and First Aid

Expert advice and support to help you with breastfeeding and related challenges.

Lactation support

A unique service providing the benefits of placenta encapsulation for postpartum healing.

Placenta Encapsulation

Specially prepared meals to nourish and support you in healing and lactation.

Nutritious Meals

Safe and loving care for your newborn, so you can have a chance to completely relax and rest.

24-Hour On-Site Nursery

We love
to lavish  mothers with:

Safe and nurturing sessions for sharing experiences and advice, fostering community and mutual support.

Mother support groups

Personalized coaching to guide mothers through physical and emotional postpartum changes, including meditation, yoga, and mindfulness.

Wellness coaching

Comfortable and peaceful spaces where mothers can relax and rejuvenate.

Luxurious Accommodations

you'll experience:

— we'll help you build yours.

It takes a village

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When you choose Ìyá for your postpartum retreat, you gain priority access to childcare waitlists! We’ll work to make sure your child's place in a program that values early socialization and the development of lifelong friendships.

Guaranteed Childcare with Priority Waitlisting

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Ìyá is more than a retreat — it's a community! By participating in our childcare program, you'll be part of a network of mothers who share similar experiences and challenges. This network becomes a source of support, advice, and friendship.

Build Your Mom Friend Network

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When you retreat alongside other moms on similar timelines, you'll have the opportunity to share milestones, celebrate achievements, and navigate parenting challenges with parents who understand your journey.

Grow Up Together

Choosing to attend a retreat post-childbirth is a deeply personal choice. Plenty of mothers haven't had the opportunity to make such a decision. As one of the pioneering full-service retreats in Texas, we empower mothers with the choice to experience a retreat that will enhance the quality of their journey into motherhood. Our offerings centered on tranquility, community and luxury, create an ideal retreat experience for those seeking a supportive environment to build a foundation that propels them into a fulfilling journey of motherhood, enabling you to better care for yourself as a personal and your family as a mother. 

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